The MITCoin Team

The MITCoin project is brought to you by:

W. Craig Carter
Materials Science and Engineering

In his spare time, Craig does recreational computing and biking. He enjoys moving big rocks from small piles to big piles.

Eduardo Gutierrez

Eduardo is a former course 8 student who now works in web development. He's either lost in is head or lost on a walk.

Brian Ntanga
Software Developer

Brian is a 6-3 sophomore from Lusaka, Zambia. When he is not busy coding or doing psets, he likes to play Soccer, Chess and video games.

Maisie O'Brien
Communications and Community Engagement Manager

Maisie provides project management and communications support to the amazing MITcoin team. Outside of work, she enjoys books, art, tattoos, and the ocean.

Isaac Redlon
Web Developer

Isaac is a 6-3 junior from Upper Michigan. He spends his free time playing video games and he loves web development, especially UI/UX!

Oliver Thomas
Maker Digital Systems Architect
MIT Innovation Institute

Working the coolest day job of all time creating systems to foster community, making, and innovation, you can also find him playing with lasers and exploring the Whites in his spare time. Also, he wants all the dogs.

Mary Beth Wagner
Graduate Student

Mary Beth is a graduate student in materials science and engineering. She enjoys old-timey hobbies such as fabric weaving, bread baking, and blacksmithing. She always has a fun fact about pirates at the ready.

Timmy Xiao

Timmy is an undergraduate student studying Computer Science and Engineering. He likes to fold origami in his spare time.

Ari Xie
Graphic Designer

Ari is a 6-3 junior from California. When not coding, they enjoy: marathon training, comic book writing, and producing techno music.